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“Save the Colour. Save Our Birds.”

Our Yangzhengnites participated in the  “Save the Colour. Save Our Birds” event. It took place at Jurong Bird Park on Friday, 3rd June 2011. The aim was to support and help the organiser to build origami homes for the birds. Our pupils learnt to make the origami paper crafts and did their part to save the birds of our world. 10 of our Primary 5 Yangzhengnites were involved in this event. These pupils were selected from our school’s Amazing Race @ Jurong Bird Park event which was organized by our Tamil Department at South 6 Cluster level during the June holidays.


Our pupils were invited to participate to promote the Jurong Bird Park event. Our Yangzhengnites represented our school in creating the Origami artworks for the mural display at the Bird Park. Our pupils’ craftwork were used as models for  the public to follow in supporting the event. Our Yangzhengnites did an excellent job and were appreciated by the event organizers for their awesome papercraft creations.


Our pupils at work!

Placing the papercrafts on to the mural.

Our boys busily folding their craftwork!